• What are Violent Crimes?

In Massachusetts, violent crimes are comprised generally of acts that involve the use or threat of use of physical force against others. Violent crimes include: Murder, Voluntary & Involuntary Manslaughter, Assault and Battery Crimes, Kidnapping, Home Invasion and Armed Robbery.

  • What defenses do I have?

There are a myriad of defenses available to those charged with a violent crime, depending on the facts of their particular case. Common defenses to these type of charges include: Innocence, Self-Defense, Misidentification, Lack of Specific Intent and Lack of Criminal Responsibility.

  • What happens if I am found guilty?

If you are convicted of a violent crime, the legal consequences depend on a variety of factors including your criminal history and the nature and extent of the charges. In Massachusetts, possible penalties range from jail time – including life imprisonment for murder convictions – to the imposition of fines and probation.

  • What should I do if I am being charged with a violent crime?

If you have been charged or are being investigated in connection with a violent crime, reach out to a criminal defense attorney right away. You should not discuss your legal situation with anyone, except for your attorney. Call us for a free consultation.